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Optimising Processes and Improving Efficiency of Business Operations

Are your critical business operations still manual, siloed or undocumented even as your business grows?  

At Glass Elevator Consulting, we understand the importance of enhancing operational efficiency in businesses.


As experienced consultants, we provide a fresh perspective that can optimise your processes and improve effectiveness. By analysing your current operations, we identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and maximise productivity.

Our expertise in operational efficiency helps businesses become more agile and competitive. With our guidance, you can achieve better resource allocation, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability. Investing in operational efficiency is crucial for long-term success and sustainable growth.


Let Glass Elevator Consulting be your partner in driving operational excellence and unlocking your business's full potential.

Manual processes and operational inefficiency hinder long-term growth... How?



They constrain scaling

Manual, disjointed processes make it hard to handle increased workflow volumes that come with growth. Bottlenecks emerge making it tough to fulfill rising customer demand.


They drain resources

Time and money get sunk into redundancies, rework and wasted efforts which should instead fund innovation or customer acquisition. Defects also erode brand equity.


They impede agility

Clunky workflows lack the flexibility to test and pivot new offerings which is key for competitiveness. Fast decisions are impeded by bureaucratic red tape.


Employees are discouraged

 Talent retention and recruitment suffers when skilled employees waste time trapped fighting antiquated processes rather than strategising improvements.


Decisions are made blind

The inability to measure process effectiveness and analyse performance data prohibits fact-based decision-making needed to guide growth.


Don't let your inefficient processes hold you back

Why should you streamline your operational processes?

Enhanced productivity: Streamlining operations eliminates redundancies and inefficiencies, allowing employees to work more efficiently and effectively. This leads to increased productivity and output.

Cost savings: By identifying areas for improvement and optimising processes, businesses can reduce unnecessary expenses and allocate resources more effectively. This results in cost savings and improved financial performance.

Improved quality: Streamlining operations involves analysing and optimising processes, which helps to identify and eliminate errors or bottlenecks. This leads to improved quality of products or services and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Time management: Streamlining operations frees up time by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex processes. This allows employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities, leading to better time management and increased efficiency.

Enhanced communication and collaboration: Streamlining operations often involves improving communication channels and workflows. This leads to better coordination among team members, departments, and stakeholders, fostering collaboration and overall organisational effectiveness.

Scalability and growth: By streamlining operations, businesses create a solid foundation for scalability and growth. Optimised processes and increased efficiency enable businesses to handle greater volumes of work and expand their operations smoothly.

How we can help...

Introducing Optistream

For over 15 years, the Glass Elevator team has transformed cumbersome operations into dynamic engines of efficiency in our time working for various organisations across Australia.

Our analytical approach spotlights exactly where outdated processes impede progress across your company — blocking employees and stunting growth daily. We illuminate and tackle previous trouble spots using automation, system improvements and a priority on quick wins with BIG impact.

The result? An upgraded infrastructure where streamlined processes unlock potential for scale and empower your employees. Frustration gives way to growth with streamlined operations underpinning it all.

Modernise Systems. Dismantle Bottlenecks. Clear Obstacles.

The sessions in the Optistream process are outlined below:

How much does it cost?

What makes Glass Elevator a uniquely flexible consulting partner for growing businesses is our customisable session-based pricing. We don't lock you into restrictive contracts - instead, simply purchase sessions as needed and use each one to tackle your biggest blockages at that moment.

Spend a session identifying why inefficient legacy processes frustrate employees and limit capabilities. OR dig into deficiencies creating costly lag time or errors. Together we'll map and optimise workflows for maximum output.

Our model lets you pay only for expertise when and where you need it most to meet your evolving operational and infrastructure goals. No wasting budget on broad solutions until strategic clarity is achieved. With Glass Elevator, you get fit-for-purpose support to overcome immediate obstacles and then you can cost-effectively build towards operational excellence over time.

Best Value

5 Session Pack



Get 5 strategy sessions and book when you need them.

Valid for 12 months

Project Work

Our project work services encompass a wide range of offerings tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Best Value

Business Accelerator -Weekly Payment



Every week

Tailored strategies, timely support, and focused action

Valid until canceled

2x Deep Dive Sessions Per Month

2x Agile Sessions Per Month

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