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Unlocking Potential: Our Business Coaching & Consulting Pricing


How much does business  consulting cost?

Glass Elevator Consulting offers a range of business coaching and consulting services to suit businesses of all sizes and in all industries. We offer payment plans, these are not through a 3rd party, and they are set up to make our services more affordable and in the reach of all those that need us.  

Don't wait for tomorrow to start walking towards your goals, take action today with Glass Elevator Consulting.

With prices from $99 per week, Can your business afford not to?

Regular consultations can significantly aid in strategic planning and goal setting for business owners.
We offer a range of options from; weekly, fortnightly and monthly ongoing sessions. 


Monthly coaching and consulting sessions.
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With our Business Essentials Package  you will have access to one full deep dive session every 4 weeks. These sessions enable us to help you build a strong plan, and work through the steps and processes to implement them.

The monthly meetings ensure you to have continuing support throughout the year to help to plan strategy, address key challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve your goals.

Business Essentials- Weekly Payment



Every week

Valid until canceled

Business Essentials- Monthly Payment



Every month

Valid until canceled


2x Deep Dive sessions every month + 
2x Agile Calls

With two Deep Dive Sessions per month, we delve deep into your business's challenges, providing tailored strategies and solutions. Additionally, our two check-in calls per month allow for continuous support, progress tracking, and necessary adjustments. This consistent engagement fosters a strong relationship, ensuring that we are always aligned with your goals and ready to address any emerging issues.

Business Accelerator -Weekly Payment



Every week

Valid until canceled

Business Accelerator- Monthly Payment



Every month

Valid until canceled


2x Deep Dive sessions every month +

Our premium membership! You'll enjoy UNLIMITED Agile Sessions and up to two comprehensive Deep Dive Session per month. 

This package is designed to provide you with continual strategic guidance, support for complex projects, and a reliable sounding board for your innovative ideas.

Business Elite- Weekly Payment



Every week

Valid until canceled

Business Elite- Monthly Payment



Every month

Valid until canceled

Flexible Cancellation, no locked in contracts...

We believe in building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual benefit. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to cancel our services at any time with just one month's notice. We value your satisfaction and strive to continuously provide value throughout our engagement.


Deep Dive Sessions

Allow between 45-90 minutes for these zoom sessions

Our deep dive sessions are designed to provide you with in-depth analysis, strategic guidance, and actionable insights. We understand that every client is unique, and therefore, we adapt our consulting approach to your specific requirements we will work to identify areas for improvement, and develop a customised plan to drive your success.

Agile Sessions

Allow between 5-20 minutes for these, depending on the need they will either be via phone or zoom

These sessions are shorter than the full deep dive sessions, allowing us to keep you on track, provide timely advice and help you promptly address any challenges that may arise. The agile sessions are designed to foster quick decision-making and strategic adjustments, ensuring your business remains agile and responsive at all times.

Other Offers:
Focused Services and Sessions

Tailored Guidance and Strategies

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to business coaching simply won't cut it. We look at every one of our clients and make sure the advice we give is relevant and appropriate. Every Time.

Results Focused

This means that we will work with you to set clear, measurable goals and then help you to achieve them. This could involve anything from increasing your sales or improving your profitability to developing your leadership skills or improving your work-life balance.

Practical, Actionable Advice

It's all well and good to discuss theory and concepts, but what you really need is advice that you can implement in your business straight away and that is exactly what we will do!

Looking for something else?

Check out our other packages

  • Business Starter Package (Pay In Full)

    Specifically designed to offer you a step-by-step guide in your entrepreneurial journey.
    Valid for 12 months
    • 4x Comprehensive Deep Dive Sessions
    • 2x Agile Sessions
  • Business Starter Package (6x Payments)

    Every week
    Because we understand you dont always have the cash in the early days! Payment plan is available
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 4x Comprehensive Deep Dive Sessions
    • 2x Agile Sessions
  • 5 Session Pack

    Get 5 strategy sessions and book when you need them.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Data Insights Accelerator Package

      Take control of your data and unlock its true potential
      • Initial Discovery Session- understanding requirements
      • Data Analysis- behind the scenes dive deep into your data
      • Initial Findings and Reporting Session
      • Report and Dashboard Building- behind the scenes
      • Reporting Walkthrough and Training and Coaching Session
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