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Data, Reporting and Analysis - Personalised to your Small Business.

Know you need data to measure your business' growth, but have no idea where to start?


If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Harnessing the power of data is crucial for sustainable growth and success. No matter how big or small your business is, understanding your data is the key to making informed decisions, identifying areas of improvement, and staying ahead of the curve. However, many businesses struggle with this vital aspect, often due to the overwhelming nature of data analysis and the lack of specialised expertise. That's where we come in...

With our coaching and training sessions, you and your team will gain the necessary skills to navigate the intricacies of data analysis, transforming your business into a data-driven powerhouse.

We LOVE data. And you will too!

5 Reasons Reporting is Critical to your Business Success

Don't let your data remain untapped potential. Partner with Glass Elevator Consulting and unlock the insights that will propel your business forward.

Why Choose Our Program?

Expert Guidance: Our team of seasoned professionals brings extensive experience in data analysis, reporting, and business optimisation. Ensuring your reporting metrics are focused on your business growth and success.

Tailored Approach: We believe that each business is unique and your reporting metrics will be too. We are focused on giving you the data you need to assess your individual business goals and objectives, and ultimately make the decisions you need to push your company to the next level. 

User-Friendly Tools: Our reporting tools are intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that you can navigate and interpret your data effortlessly.

Long-Term Value: Our coaching and training sessions will empower you to make the most of your reporting data even after our sessions have ended.

Data-Driven Decisions: By optimising your reporting metrics and providing you with powerful tools, we enable you to make informed decisions that drive business growth.

Introducing our Data Insights Accelerator Program

At Glass Elevator Consulting, we recognise the importance of unlocking the true potential of your data. Our comprehensive Data Insights Accelerator Program offers a tailored approach to assessing your reporting metrics, designing user-friendly reporting tools, and providing coaching and training to ensure you leverage your data effectively. With our expert guidance, you can make data-driven decisions that fuel your business growth.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our full data insights accelerator package is below and can be purchased online at any time.

Don't need the full package? No worries. What makes Glass Elevator a unique consulting partner for growing businesses is our flexible session pricing. We don't lock you into long contracts or rigid packages - instead, you can simply purchase sessions as needed and dedicate each one towards your highest priority needs at that moment.

  • Struggling to determine if your marketing strategy resonates with customers? Spend a session workshopping improvements.

  • Need help identifying which business metrics properly track growth? Let's dive into KPI refinement together for a session.

  • Want to brainstorm innovations that could propel you ahead of disruptive competitors? We can focus fully on blue-sky strategy in our time together.


The choice is yours - move sessions between strategy, planning, analysis or execution guidance interchangeably. Glass Elevator provides customised, fit-to-purpose support tailored to each client's requirements. Our model ensures you are paying only for expertise exactly when and where you need it.

Data Insights Accelerator Package



Take control of your data and unlock its true potential

Valid until canceled

Initial Discovery Session- understanding requirements

Data Analysis- behind the scenes dive deep into your data

Initial Findings and Reporting Session

Report and Dashboard Building- behind the scenes

Reporting Walkthrough and Training and Coaching Session

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