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ExpandWell Program

The ExpandWell Program is an exclusive program designed to empower health and wellness business owners with the strategic tools and guidance needed to expand their product and service offerings effectively.

Conducted over 8 sessions, this program delves into every aspect of business expansion, from market research and product development to operational optimisation and financial planning.

Each session is crafted to provide practical insights and actionable recommendations tailored to the specific needs of health and wellness entrepreneurs. With a focus on real-world application and sustainable growth, this program offers a step-by-step roadmap for achieving success in expanding the business.

business growth

The 8-session program is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, allowing for customisation to suit the unique needs, goals, and circumstances of each business. The content, pace, and focus of the sessions can be tailored to address specific challenges and requirements, ensuring that the program is responsive to the evolving needs of the client's business. Whether it's adjusting the depth of market research, refining product/service development strategies, or fine-tuning financial planning, the program is scalable and responsive, providing assurance that it can accommodate the dynamic nature of business expansion while maintaining a laser focus on your goals.

Business Consultant

With an MBA specialising in Health Service Management and 15 years of experience working across various businesses in the health and wellness industry, I bring a blend of academic credentials and practical expertise to the table. As a consultant, I use this robust background to provide tailored guidance and strategic insights that help businesses navigate complex challenges and unlock new avenues for growth. Clients value my deep industry knowledge, strategic vision, and solutions-oriented approach, making me a trusted partner in driving sustainable success.

Session 1 Introduction and Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current business model, product/service mix, and expansion goals, empowering us to develop a tailored strategy for your growth.

Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges in the context of expanding your offerings, enabling us to create a roadmap for sustainable success.

Session 3: Product/Service Development

Collaborate with you to conceptualise and develop new offerings that will captivate your target audience, while providing strategic recommendations on pricing, packaging, and positioning to maximise their impact.

Session 5: Marketing and Promotion

Help you craft a comprehensive marketing plan to effectively promote your new offerings, providing guidance on branding, advertising, and customer engagement tactics that will drive awareness and sales.

Session 7: Implementation and Change Management

Provide a comprehensive roadmap for gradually introducing your new offerings, and advise on managing the transition, including employee training, customer communication, and change management strategies to ensure a seamless implementation.

Session 2: Market Research and Analysis

Uncover invaluable insights into your target market, including customer demographics, preferences, and unmet needs, equipping you to identify the most promising new products or services that align with your expertise and market demand.

Session 4: Operations and Logistics

Advise you on the operational requirements for introducing new offerings, such as inventory management, supply chain, and staffing, and suggest streamlined strategies to optimise your existing operations to support the expanded product/service mix.

Session 6: Financial Planning and Forecasting

Assist you in creating detailed financial projections and budgets for the expanded business, and identify potential funding sources or investment opportunities to support your growth ambitions.

Session 8: Monitoring and Optimisation

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your expanded offerings, and offer ongoing support and recommendations for continuous improvement and adaptation to market changes, securing the long-term viability of your business expansion.

Best Value

ExpandWell Program



Over 8 sessions, this program delves into every aspect of business expansion

ExpandWell Program Payment Plan



Every 2 weeks

Over 8 sessions, this program delves into every aspect of business expansion

for 8 payments

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